Gorges du Verdon


After having camped in The Dordogne for a week, dad and I decided to head south-east to a campsite just outside of the town Castellane. The campsite was called Domaine du Verdon, and while it was a lot busier than we would have liked, it was in a very privileged location right in the heart of the the Verdon Regional Park, meaning the site was surrounded by beautiful mountains and the famous Gorges du Verdon.

The Gorges du Verdon is a river canyon that stretches 25 kilometres and it is absolutely stunning; we spent our time here exploring different parts of the canyon on foot, bike and canoe. The river itself is called The Verdon, named after it’s exquisite turquoise colour- I couldn’t quite believe how beautiful the colour of the river and it’s lakes were.





The Verdon river runs through the canyon and flows into a lake called Saint Croix du Verdon, which is actually man-made, but is the biggest of the Verdon lakes. We wanted to go canoeing on Saint Croix and so drove there with our canoe in the back of the car. However, we arrived to find it packed full of tourists and so jumped back into the car and kept driving, hoping to find a quieter lake. We drove for perhaps only 20 minutes more, and then stumbled upon this absolute gem. It was empty. There was not a single person on it. How this was the case after a mere 20 minute drive away from Saint Croix baffled me. We canoed out onto this random, unknown lake and enjoyed the serene peace and quiet; this was definitely one of the most special moments of my life.




We decided one day to hike part of the GR4 route. GR4 is a famous hiking trail that spans France from its east to west coast, but we took a 6 hour trail which took us along the gorge. It was a very warm day, but the views and the trail were beautiful and we had a lovely day.





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